Six Car Travel Hacks You Must Know Before A Road Trip

If there is one happy time in your life, it must be the time when you travel. Travelling is an experience whose emotions cannot be explained in words. While for some boring people, travelling just means going from one place to another. For others, it means meeting new people, falling into exciting situations, discovering the world and oneself. Especially for youngsters, travelling is much more beautiful than the destination itself.

When you are travelling by car, you are in a safe zone. You have your own vehicle, you can stop wherever you please, you can drive the car on a speed of your will and you have the comfort of a familiar space. But, there are certain things that you must keep in mind when you are travelling long distances in your car in order to be safe and have a pleasant journey.

5 Car Travel Hacks You Must Know Before A Road Trip

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Prepare your car for the journey

As much as you get prepared for the trip, you should prep up your car too. After all, your car is the most important thing in that journey of yours. So, get your car serviced a few days before the trip. Wash your car, clean it inside out and get the engine and other technical stuff inspected. Do not forget to check if the wheels are in good condition. Keep a spare wheel in the car so that you can change it yourself if there is a flat tire. The tools must be safe in the toolbox.


When you are on a road trip, your car will be carrying all your load. So, you must make sure that you travel light. Just like they do in flights, have a luggage limit for the passengers in your car. One large baggage for each person is appropriate. You can also carry small handbags with the basic necessities. Load the luggage into the trunk and keep a first aid kit with it too.


Calculate the mileage that your car gives and make sure that you fill your fuel tank way before it gets empty. It is a road trip and you may not get any fuel stations as soon as you want. So, make sure you have sufficient amount of fuel in the tank until the next stop.


Have your mobile phone fully charged and ready in case you need to find a place off the internet or to call anyone. Also, keep your wallet prepared with some cash and your credit cards also in place. Cash is necessary because, in some rural places, people do not yet accept cards.


One of the most important things that you must carry to make a road trip memorable is lots of junk food. Chips, wafers, cookies and chocolates are a must on a road trip. So, carry them in excess. Especially if you have kids in the car, you will need food to keep them silent in the moving car for hours. Water and cool drinks are also necessary.


Just before you start the trip, load some cool songs to the car’s music system. This will help you enjoy the ride even better. Select road trip kind of songs that are about travelling and discovering oneself. Good beats are necessary to maintain a good mood. Music is the best companion for a road trip.

These are some things that you must get sorted when you are planning a road trip with your friends.

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