How To Choose A College Major

Being a first-year student, whatever I offer here is truly my own experience. And I was so confused that ended up, taking Major-Minor IN Physics and maths and not honours in Bachelors in Science.


Reading several blogs, self-help books especially Ready study GO! BY Khurshed Batliwala and Dinesh Ghodke, that true calling and fulfilment are in performing something that quenches the soul, that feeds the body, that serves the world, and that; you are not just another of the many Mr Graduates has made me write this for all the beautiful confused people out here.

Make A Choice!

When finally one is out of the study-mandatory-allotted-subjects system, and have the choice of subjects, don’t just wait and let your friends, family and acquaintance talk you out of the risks that follow what you really want to achieve, the path you want to choose. The stream and subject you really want to major in.

If you are comfortable being uncomfortable, then choose that really challenges you, that drives you nuts every time you think of it, you really can’t do math then I don’t suggest you do it anyway, and fail miserably, there is nothing you don’t really like, its either you lack practice or your approach to master that skill is terribly wrong.

If you want to be an Astrophysicists really bad or you want to be a Banker, but your marks in account subject are lower than your then crushes’ interest in you, or that the math teacher gives you creeps at the very thought of sitting in her class, then you have to make serious decisions, its either you change your ambition or work hard in subjects that are crucial to finally research and discover as an astrophysicist or to sit on that manager’s chair in that well know bank. 

Don’t follow the Crowd!

Mothers have always imprinted in us that, do what your friend does, ‘’you’ll have company’’, ‘’you won’t be left alone’’, ‘’you’ll have the help needed’’ this leads to the vicious belief of ‘my friend knows better’ or ‘my friend knows the best’. 

I am not against Mothers or friends, but the majority of the decisions according to me are out of either utter peer-pressure or fear Of BEING LEFT OUT, OUTCAST and a LONER!

Your friend is a completely different human so is so your mother, and so are you. Your dreams, your ambitions, your goals are not theirs, for that matter, they may never fathom what your dreams mean, until you realise them or until you have that ultimate job that pays the highest according to them.

Parents also try, at least middle-class families do, is that they want their children to finish education fast and start paying the house rent, the loans they once took for their marriage, the car instalment that they couldn’t afford and so. These aren’t your goal, nor are they your responsibilities. 

It’s nice to be considerate towards your family and friends, but never let your goals die at the cost of making someone happy or never carry somebody else’s cross.

You want to help them, pursue your goals, have a hobby that pays you, be a freelancer, get an internship so; at least you could pay your own expense. And let them continue to pay for their liabilities, not worry you about them.

Speaking of friendship, don’t bend towards where girlfriend/boyfriend needs shade.#

Students at this age are naïve, they make promises, they falter, they break, and then one is left with nothing but a broken heart and a degree they never liked. Or worse, they just talk you out; just like your parents, they want you to themselves. Moreover, un-subconsciously they are just trying to protect you stereotypically, which is normal and human for any love-drenched-soul with mind and a heart but brain.

I have seen so many optimistic people turn just another of the many heart-broken pessimists. They are broken beyond measure, and their dreams have been shattered because they just pictured the other half in them all the time. Beware, BE CAREFUL, It’s just the mouth that speaks, life is a long run, not summoned in few fake rainbows promised.

It’s okay to be unsure of!

You will never know if you really like without really trying it in the first place. It’s thoroughly fine to be confused, to be lost, to be unsure of. With so many people successful in what they really like, there are also who succeeded in being dropouts, who did well in economics, after failing the first year in psychology. Don’t be in that impression that you will lose a year or something. No, just give it a try. 

Be a smart Student!

By being smart, I don’t mean to have the knowledge of the distance between the moon and you. There are stories of people studying something and working utterly in a different. Beware again, study something that in five/ten years, no matter what, the world would be in a need to pay you for it.

A lot of students were pursuing Geology in recent years in Goa, as mining was peaking, but when students finally graduated, mining was banned in Goa, which left a high percentage of students unemployed and a lot to pursue courses in fields like tourism.


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How To Get Excellent Grades In University


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How To Get Excellent Grades In A Nigerian University

Hello there!
My name is Shewa and I recently graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria (recently means October 2018) and let’s just say I came out with an excellent grade winks. So here are some useful tips that I know would help students to achieve that excellent grade that they desire. Well, I schooled in Nigeria and I would be writing based on my experiences and environment. Regardless, these tips are totally global! And if applied, will lead to the same positive result which is an excellent grade.



So I realized that during the first year of university many of us are clueless about the university system. I mean, we just left high school and probably just want to enjoy the freedom we finally have or if you are like me and schooled in Nigeria and you stayed at home for 2 years before finally gaining admission into the university, you definitely will enjoy the sweet smell of freedom from your parents’ prying eyes…lol.

But here is the catch. Your first year in the university is the best time for you to start building your Grade point because there are no bad grades yet or cumulative points (your slates are still very clean) and we all know that the more you climb the ladder it becomes harder. So, it is important to build a really solid foundation in your first year at the university. Set that goal very early and work hard to achieve it.


Now, I feel like most students tend to ignore this rule (even I did) but it’s a very true and working theory. Reading at least a month before the school examinations give enough time for you to read all the topics and cover all your courses extensively. A month should be the least gap between your reading and the examination date, obviously you should try to read way ahead of the examinations I mean if possible, read before and after each class. But, I am going to be very realistic here, a month is the latest you should start reading for your examinations if you want to achieve that goal that you have set for yourself.


I know I said read for your examinations but guys, the mid-term tests, assignments and all that stuff are just as important. In the University of Lagos, these tests and assessments take up 40% of the entire 100%. It is almost impossible to get a full grade in the examinations. So doing well in the assessments would boost your chances of getting an A which you need to get an excellent grade.

Your focus should not just be on the examinations alone. Only if the examinations are 100% you are free to prepare well for the examination and get a very good grade.


The beginning is important but it is not the ultimate determinant of what grade you eventually graduate with. Even with a not so good beginning, it is still very possible for you to build that Grade Point. (trust me, I’m a testimony). Just begin to work towards the goal you have set for yourself and remain consistent.


The truth is that everybody is actually entitled to their opinions but you have to know what is right and stay focused. On my journey, I stumbled upon a lot of obstacles. Many people decided to use that opportunity to tell me my goals were not achievable and that was a huge lie! That was their opinion, but I made sure I remained focused and I kept my eyes on the target. So do the same. Remain focused and tune out the voices of naysayers.


This is very important. You have to find out when you love to read the most or when or where you assimilate easily. For me, I did not like or enjoy going to the library but I was so good with overnight learning(that is reading from like 12 am to 6 am), that was my best time to read. Another thing I noticed was that I cannot wake up in the middle of the night to read. I would be very sleepy. So I made sure to not close my eyes and try to take a 10minutes nap! That would be the end of my study. So you need to find the pattern that suits you best and stick to it. Do not follow the crowd.


Most time we do not feel the need to read but having friends that are also as goal-oriented as you help and also serves as a kind of accountability partner for you. Not to also mention the fact that they help you to remain focused on achieving the goals you have for yourself because you all are like minded. You cannot have a friend who wants to party all the time and not read as an accountability partner. It just cannot work.


I am a Christian and I believe in the power of prayers and trust in God. So all these achievements and goals will be so easy and smooth if you understand that it is not only by your power but also by God’s grace.

You can achieve those excellent grades!

I hope these tips has been helpful!


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