Becoming Book by Michelle Obama – Book Review

Failure is a feeling long before it’s an actual result.

– Michelle Obama, Becoming.

Becoming Book by Michelle Obama

I have never been a person who loved politics. Neither did I follow US Politics. But I have always admired Barack Obama for his personality and his aura. However, Michelle Obama, for me was just a wife of Barack Obama and that’s it. I never bothered to know more about her.

When I saw the book Becoming by Michelle Obama in the stores, I was just curious to know her story. Well, truth be told I was keener to know about Barack Obama through this book. But since I am not a big fan of autobiographies and memoirs, I was pretty sure this book will be lying around my bookshelf until God knows when I get my motivation to read a memoir. Yet, the book hoarder that I am, I went ahead and bought the book. And as expected it sat in the corner of my bookshelf for almost 3-4 months. But it was March and every book club that I was a part of was reading books by women authors. And I had to literally force myself to pick this book. Because I knew, if not now then I don’t think I would have ever read it.

Almost 100 pages into the book and I was finding no motivation to read further. I was struggling to turn the page. Was it because I was too occupied by my notion of not liking the genre? Maybe yes! Because at no point the story that Michelle was narrating had lost its charm. It was just me and my preoccupied mind about the genre that was totally out of my comfort zone.

However, I stood strong and kept reading. A few more pages into the book and I don’t know what happened. I was totally engrossed in the book. The writing was wonderful, the life that Michelle led is phenomenal. And I was cursing myself to think of her as just a wife of Barack Obama. She is so much more than that.

From Michelle Robinson from the south side of Chicago to Mrs Obama to The FLOTUS, Becoming is everything that every woman faces in her life. The struggles she faced as a girl of colour in her childhood, the problems she encountered while being the strong career woman at the same time a mother who wants to raise her kids, and a wife of The President of US who had her own voice are so real and everyone would have experienced at some point of their life. The book made me feel that Michelle Obama is just like us yet so different. 

Her writing made an apolitical person like me sit on the edge while reading the book.

The book is divided into three parts – Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More. In each part, Michelle takes us through her life and at no point do we feel that we are any different. She makes us live her life through her writing.

One regret that I continuously had while reading Becoming was that why was I so ignorant and what was I doing all these years not following her. First thing I did after reading the book…. I followed her on almost all social sites, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, all of them. And I am currently devouring all of her speeches that I have missed all these years.

Becoming by Michelle Obama for me is a sure *****/5

I would definitely recommend this book not just to women but to all the people out there.

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