5 Mouthwatering dishes for your girl’s sleepover

Summer is here and it means holidays! With holidays comes the season of sleepovers. Girls who had been busy all year with studies are now free to enjoy. They call their friends home and have lengthy gossip sessions. The girls love sleepovers with their gang. It’s the only time they get to huddle up on a bed and talk about everything ranging from movie to boys.

There are no rules for sleepovers. Three girls can sleep on one bed and anything can be served for dinner. The real joy is in having the company of best buddies than fuss over what’s for dinner. But, the mothers do tend to fret about what they will have to serve the young, diet conscious girls their daughter is bringing home. So, they often cook up something elaborate which the girls end up not eating because they are too excited to lock themselves up in their room and begin their talks.

So, instead of planning a six course meal, you will have to do something tasty, yet simple and easy to eat. Snacks are the best for slumber parties because they can be eaten even in the room while the girls chat away.

Here are some yummy, fun recipes that your girls will love for their sleepover parties.

five mouthwatering dishes for girls


Probably the best food for any slumber party, pizza is all the young girls will need to keep them full for the entire night’s fun. If you do not want to order pizza, you can always make thin crust pizzas at home with some healthy and delicious toppings. All you will have to do is buy ready pizza dough and some pizza sauce. Let the girls choose the toppings. It can be cheese, pepperoni, onions, olives, mushrooms and tomatoes. Add some spices like basil and oregano.


The night will never end when it’s a slumber party. So, midnight snacks are a necessity. Instead of providing junk food, give them something healthy. Popcorn is the best snack for young girls. Instead of the traditional salty popcorn, you can make other varieties like butter popcorn, caramel popcorn, spicy chilli popcorn. All you have to do is mix desired ingredient with air-popped popcorn to get the different flavours. You can also try cinnamon sugar popcorn, chilli pepper popcorn, parmesan cheese popcorn and other flavours.

Ice cream cookie sandwich

While ice cream is a clichéd must have dessert during sleepovers, you can add a twist to it by making something more filling and satisfactory. An ice cream sandwich is interesting and fun for the girls. All you need is large cookies, preferably oatmeal cookies. You just take two cookies, place ice cream on one of the cookies and cover it with another cookie.


This one can take up more time, but in the end, it’s worth it. Nothing pleases little girls than colourful, decorated cupcake. You can bake them way before the sleepover to avoid haste. As the girls arrive for the sleepover, you can ask them to decorate their own cupcakes with icing options like sprinkles, chocolate sauce, strawberries, marshmallows and candies.


For all those mothers who have girls who think the cupcakes are too childish, you can opt for the doughnuts. They are much more interesting and cool. Thick, soft, rich doughnuts are what the girls will love to eat during sleepovers. Mix up flour, sugar, yoghurt, and nutmeg to bake the most amazing doughnuts. You can sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles or chocolate sauce on the doughnuts to make them yummy. You can add a scoop of ice cream on the top for a special touch.

These are some snacking options for girls’ sleepovers.