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Mystical Man Series By Jihan Patel

Mystery Of Mystical Man By Jihan Patel

First Book of Mystical Man Series

I wrote this book when I was 12 years old, in 2017, and published it in October 2017. I want to share my experience of this journey to you. This superhero, namely Mystical Man, came in my mind at the age of 10, but at the same time, I realized that neither I nor any human can be a superhero. So I just made stories and was always into it. I always told my stories to my father, and he advised me to pen down my thoughts, and so I started writing my book, this book. At that time, I didn’t decide to write a series, but just it’s the second part. I even told this to my two friends namely Harnish Patel and Kevin Shah who also gave me ideas of two superheroes, even my younger brother Purahan also gave me the idea of a superhero. And even thanks to my uncle Jayesh Patel(Nirali Graphics) for his support.

I wrote this book when I was 12 years old, in 2017, and published it in October 2017. I want to share my experience of this journey to you. This superhero, namely Mystical Man, came in my mind at the age of 10, but at the same time, I realized that neither I nor any human can be a superhero. So I just made stories and was always into it. I always told my stories to my father, and he advised me to pen down my thoughts, and so I started writing my book, this book. At that time, I didn’t decide to write a series, but just it’s the second part. I even told this to my two friends namely Harnish Patel and Kevin Shah who also gave me ideas of two superheroes, even my younger brother Purahan also gave me the idea of a superhero. And even thanks to my uncle Jayesh Patel(Nirali Graphics) for his support.

This way my journey began, and I even drew some pictures related to my story, as I’m also good at art and craft. This book’s length is 100 pages, and before it was published I started writing it’s second part whose title is Mystical Man: Revenge of Orion. At that time, I decided to make a series, of this superhero. During the writing part, I even read many books. At night, or in my free time, I always thought about my book, and always had dreams about it. It was an awesome experience for me, it was like trying something new. This book was launched on 11th October 2017, on my father’s birthday. This book was published just for family and friends, but after a good review, I applied for copyright and got it. 

So now, I’ll tell you some things about this book. It is about a boy, named Johnny, probably a nerd, and is destined to become one of the greatest heroes of all time. He meets a sage in a forest who bestows on him mystical powers, and later Johnny bonds with one of the emblems of the God. His friends also receive some mystical powers and join the team The Wizards, who needs to safeguard the Earth from the evil team of Destroyer, and Orion, The master of Dark Arts. This story is adventurous and fraught with suspense. To find out what will happen to the Wizards, where will this war land them? Will they win or lose? To find that answer read my book, and give me your review, this book is available online on Flipkart.

So this was my journey, from a 10 years old kid’s thoughts, to a 12 years old kid’s book.


The second book in the Mystical Man series

This is the second part and in continuation of the first book Mystery Of Mystical Man. I finished this book in a year after my first one, but to find good publishers, it was published after 6 to 7 months. Here also I have made illustrations, the cover page, and many more. Ten illustrations are made by a professional illustrator. This book has nearly 60,000 words and runs through 340 pages. This book is published by The Write Place, an initiative by Crossword book store. I want to share my experience of this journey to you all. I started writing this book even before the publication of my first book. During this time a made a diary of words, in which I wrote new words or some ideas of my book. I now have 602 words in my diary. My mother kept on telling me to read more books, and then write, so I even read books. Because the best writer is the best reader, I completed the whole Harry Potter series during this time. Sometimes the story didn’t satisfy me, so I deleted it, and write form the beginning. And at times I needed to delete many parts, as my mother read and told me that it wasn’t proper, improve it yourself. 

As I said I drew many pictures in this book, the first one was its cover image, a fight scene between Orion and Mystical Man. And others I drew as per the descriptions in the book. I needed to wake up at five in the morning to finish them, and then go to school at seven, come back at one thirty, finish my homework, and then start to draw again. In this journey, I never felt tired, or anything like that. Because it was a work which I love to do.

So, now let me tell you something about my book. In this book, Johnny comes to know that Orion is awakened. He is back, back to take his vengeance from the Gods and to defeat The Wizards. The four Wizards led by none other than Mystical Man will need true friends, courage, and more knowledge to defeat Orion. Many secrets of mystic arts and arcane magic will be revealed, a whole new world will appear, which will engulf you in the depths of this book, and hold you till the end. This book is full of suspense, twist and turns. So this was my journey, and to know more about the book, please read it and give me your review on It is available at Crossword bookstore, all over India and online.



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The Power of your subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy – Book Review

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind had the power to get you anything you ever wanted in life? By anything, I mean health, wealth, happiness, a good life partner, and the list can go on… After reading this book you will know how to tap the superpower of your own mind!

The Power of your subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy - Book Review

The author begins by asking about the many mysteries and miracles that happen in our lives and others around us. Why some are successful, happy and content while others are not. We are introduced to the conscious mind, which has the power to choose and our subconscious mind which can’t take jokes and takes everything we think seriously. As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, ‘Man is what he thinks all day long’. It means clearly by changing our thoughts we can change our destiny. If our conscious mind believes we can achieve our goals our subconscious works to achieve it by, the Law of Attraction. If you think yourself to be good, you will be good and if you think evil of yourself or others evil will follow. Like the saying, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’, so we should be careful of the thoughts we keep our minds busy with.

If it is the happiness you desire and you constantly think of happiness, your subconscious will bring it to you. Happiness does not come from material things, it comes from showing gratitude. Being thankful for the blessings we have and our sincere desire to be happy. With the power of our subconscious mind, we can have health and wealth. We should make our subconscious believe we are healthy and wealthy and it will work its wonders to get us there.

If you have seen how some monks and babas cure people, it is the people’s belief that they will be cured that actually works, it’s not the baba, it is their own belief. We see miracles in many cancer patients who have survived even after doctors losing hope. It was their belief that they will be cured and their subconscious works to their beliefs. Hence proving that our subconscious is our greatest healer.

We can conquer our fears through the power of our subconscious mind and then we can conquer our dreams. Because some fears are only in our minds they are not normal fears they are abnormal. So follow this mantra, ‘Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain!!’ Some obstacles which we believe to exist are only in obstacles in our minds and breaking free from it is our only way to success.

Another interesting thing is how we can forever be young in our minds, through the power of our subconscious minds. We only age in years, but our minds grow in wisdom and knowledge. And by believing you are young in mind always you can create miracles. You never know because many inventions were made by people who were quite old. You are young as you think you are, haven’t you seen people who are so active and energetic even in their eighties, its because they think they are young, strong and useful. They believe it and so they are. And the only obstacle to your success is not your age but your own thought and lack of faith in your thoughts.

This book made me realize that a successful life is one which is lived joyfully, peacefully and happily which can be achieved through improving our daily thoughts. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone thought only good and wished for others what they wished for themselves! Imagine it and maybe with the power of our subconscious mind, this world will change for good. I will recommend everyone to read this book at least once, trust me you will love it and then implement it in your life and see the magic.

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Book Review

“The secret of happiness is simple: find out what you truly love to do and then direct all your energy towards doing it. Once you do this, abundance flows into your life and all your desires are filled with ease and grace.”

The Monk Who sold His Ferrari

Julian Mantle, an attorney, used to live a life full of luxury, power and respect, had a heart attack one day from which he merely survived. Thinking that his stressful schedule has something to do with the attack, he decided to take a break and selling his most loved Ferrari, he moved to India for a search of the meaning of life. He was never heard of anymore.

Years later, as John was completing the last of his works for the day, a young monk came to visit him. His face radiated pure energy and youthfulness. It was none other than Julian, his old colleague. But, how changed he was! No more that conceited, power-hungry and short tempered old man he was! His face was filled with contentment and his body emitted the aura of calm and intelligence that instantly drew respect from the minds of people.

As the night passed by, Julian revealed the secrets of an Enlightened Living. Through a wonderful story of a Sumo wrestler, he taught John, and indirectly, us, the secrets to a happy life. He teaches us that by controlling our minds, we focus our energy into the work we need to do. An otherwise general man would have a thousand of useless information cluttered in his mind which prevents him to pay complete attention to the work at hand. Julian also explained the Ten Rituals of Radiant Living. It includes the practice of habits of early awakening, practising solitude, exercising daily and eating healthy.

As Paulo Coelho said, it is “A captivating story that teaches as it delights”- A fable carefully narrated to teach all the readers the value of living a life for the soul. This book preaches the concept of following the Middle Path in a convincing way. Although it tells you that one shouldn’t chase only material wealth, it doesn’t completely deny the fact that wealth is required for a living. It just keeps reminding the reader to set aside time for exploring your inner self too. Time management, self-discipline, concentration, meditation, self – exploration are some of the key aspects the fable focuses on. I would definitely suggest you buy the book if you feel that you are not able to cope up with life and it’s ways. Helped me a lot when I was so helpless about what exactly to focus on and how to manage my time and schedule. I am sure it will help you too, guiding you through the right path, motivating and inspiring till the end. Unlike other self-help books, this one is actually a fast-paced one, and so, I am sure, you won’t be bored.

About the Author:

Robin Sharma:
Born on 16 June 1964, the Canadian writer, Robin Sharma, worked as a litigation lawyer until age 25 when he self-published his first self-help book Mega Living in 1994. However, it was The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari who bought him the name and fame. Since then, all his self-help books have never failed to hit the Bestseller column. Some of his other books you must read are Who Will Cry When You Die, The Secret Letters, The Leader who had no Title, The Greatness Guide and his most recent page-turner, The 5 AM Club. For daily motivation, visit Robin Sharma’s official website

Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Author: Robin Sharma
Genre: Self Help, Fiction.
ISBN: 9788179921623
Pages: 198 pages
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars

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What I Talk About When I Talk About Murakami

My father is an avid reader. I paused before writing this because I felt like ‘avid’ wasn’t justifying enough. He read so much that one time when I was 12, I brought my friends home and the first thing they said, almost simultaneously was ‘wow, this looks like a library’.

Oddly, not once had I thought of this. I grew up amongst tons and tons of books and it seemed perfectly normal to me.

He would buy books out of a sheer impulse. There are times, he’s told me, in college when he was down to literally his last bucksand yet, preferred to buy a nice copy of Salman Rushdie which I cannot stress enough- he’s probably already read. So it’s only natural that he has many.  

I was in ninth grade when he got heavily into Murakami and out of a whimsical impulse bought Norwegian Wood. He got it for half the price because he knew the owner of a bookstore nearby. Weeks after this, he bought more of Murakami and soon, a collection had gently stacked itself, taking up a large volume on his bookshelf.

Norwegian Wood

Now, just to clarify, I wasn’t very surprised by this until one night, I woke up very late and saw my mother reading Norwegian Wood with tears slipping down her face. I was amused and soon I began witnessing my parents having long and engaging conversations about Toru’s Catcher-in-the-Rye-like one-liners and Kizuki’s gas pipe and Reiko’s piano. I tried to pay attention but often felt lost with nothing more than a few words like these, that I’d kept memorised. Soon, both of them had read a lot of Murakami and their conversations slipped into an endless routine, which I couldn’t fathom.

With peaked interest I approached my father one day asking, “Can I read Norwegian Wood?” and he said no. I was confused. Not once in all the time, I knew him had he ever refrain from letting me read anything.

“Why?”, I enquired but he simply shrugged me off and continued reading with his glasses on the tip of his nose and a pencil stuck on his ear. I asked him one more time sometime later, while he wasn’t reading and he said, “It’s not time yet. Plus, it’s explicit.”

I had never heard anything more ridiculous, I knew damn well what explicit was; the times I had spent lurking on the internet enlightening myself on content that was definitely explicit for my age flashed by like it would in some racy movie. But now, I was curious. What was I not ready for? He had phrased that sentence weirdly. Like the explicitly of it wasn’t the only reason.

Plus, its explicit.

I didn’t ask him again.

One time, I was left alone at home so I pulled up a chair and took the book out of the topmost shelf and read the first chapter. Nothing struck me as remarkable and I’d certainly not gotten to the explicit parts. I kept it back, with hardly any thoughts about it.

For a long time after this, I was incurious and not being able to read Norwegian Wood didn’t bother me as it used to. A year later, I wrote my boards and a few months later I moved to Kochi.

In my new house, time was rotting away without the internet. While arranging a bookshelf one day, I spied Norwegian Wood. This time, when my father found me reading it in a corner while they were labouring away with furniture he didn’t say a word. Maybe, it was time.

Some nights later, all the lights in my house were out except mine. It was the last few pages of the book and I couldn’t afford to put it down now and go to sleep. It was almost like a delicate thread was tied around my fingers that would cause something to collapse if I did as much as move. When I was done, I realized I was crying. I say this with uncertainty because it took me by surprise that I was. Nothing inside me felt heavy, it didn’t hurt, but I was still crying. Like, crying was the involuntary action my body had to perform after reading Norwegian Wood.

It wasn’t an extraordinary story, nobody was extraordinary, nobody did extraordinary things but I felt so moved. It was fiction but no piece of writing had felt so real, up until then.

It was 2 am but I grabbed my phone and typed out a paragraph in complete upper case to my best friend and went to sleep.

I didn’t tell another person ever about Norwegian Wood. It was a deeply personal experience; it was just a book but I didn’t want anyone reading it just yet. If they end up not liking it I would be heartbroken- although they aren’t entitled to like anything because I do. That was three years back. I’ve had lots of conversations over the years about Norwegian Wood to lots of different people since then.
I met a guy at a basketball game once. We talked and exchanged numbers and started dating and a few months later, he wanted to read Norwegian Wood because I was supposedly too attached to it. I refused to lend him my copy cause I dislike doing so but he went the extra mile and found one himself. I never got a chance to meet him after this because he left to Canada a few weeks later. Sometime after, he sent me a message on facebook.

“I’ve finished Norwegian Wood and I am very disturbed. This is a very twisted, beautiful book but you should stop reading it again and again. It’s so sad. How do you manage to?”

I can’t recall how I felt about this but over the years a lot of people have asked me how I manage to keep reading something as sad. I cannot tell why but each time I do, there is always something new that strikes me, like a chord on the guitar Reiko would play.

I was never disappointed.

After Norwegian Wood, I have read a lot of Murakami’s works and I’ve come to realize that most of his books are spun off a pattern. There’s always a cat that disappears or talks, a very sad woman who’s personal trauma transitions into her being dysfunctional at sex, ear fetishes, weird coitus, superpowers, meticulous descriptions of cooking, long walks and 60s jazz.

I’ve never been to Japan but with these books (and anime) I had a preconceived notion of how it might be and at the risk of sounding like a weeaboo, I wanted to go to Japan and possibly meet Haruki Murakami before he dies, considering he’s become rather old. A constant complaint lodged against him, on the internet was that he westernized the place too much and Americans who read his novels go to Japan, very often find the place nothing as they expected. Regardless, I still wanted to go, even if I won’t find jazz bars or mysterious women lurking around everywhere.

There are these random Norwegian Wood facts my father would tell me from time to time:

how its the one book by Murakami everyone in Japan has read and how the song from which the title is taken from, represents the emotions of the entire youth in Japan. A kind of sadness that I can’t ever understand is what I suppose the 70s kids must’ve felt.

The times have certainly changed since then, what with technology and books that make me feel like I’ve had bad coffee, but I still read Norwegian Wood when nothing else excites me to remind myself of the many things I can’t put on paper.

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How To Get Excellent Grades In A Nigerian University

Hello there!
My name is Shewa and I recently graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria (recently means October 2018) and let’s just say I came out with an excellent grade winks. So here are some useful tips that I know would help students to achieve that excellent grade that they desire. Well, I schooled in Nigeria and I would be writing based on my experiences and environment. Regardless, these tips are totally global! And if applied, will lead to the same positive result which is an excellent grade.



So I realized that during the first year of university many of us are clueless about the university system. I mean, we just left high school and probably just want to enjoy the freedom we finally have or if you are like me and schooled in Nigeria and you stayed at home for 2 years before finally gaining admission into the university, you definitely will enjoy the sweet smell of freedom from your parents’ prying eyes…lol.

But here is the catch. Your first year in the university is the best time for you to start building your Grade point because there are no bad grades yet or cumulative points (your slates are still very clean) and we all know that the more you climb the ladder it becomes harder. So, it is important to build a really solid foundation in your first year at the university. Set that goal very early and work hard to achieve it.


Now, I feel like most students tend to ignore this rule (even I did) but it’s a very true and working theory. Reading at least a month before the school examinations give enough time for you to read all the topics and cover all your courses extensively. A month should be the least gap between your reading and the examination date, obviously you should try to read way ahead of the examinations I mean if possible, read before and after each class. But, I am going to be very realistic here, a month is the latest you should start reading for your examinations if you want to achieve that goal that you have set for yourself.


I know I said read for your examinations but guys, the mid-term tests, assignments and all that stuff are just as important. In the University of Lagos, these tests and assessments take up 40% of the entire 100%. It is almost impossible to get a full grade in the examinations. So doing well in the assessments would boost your chances of getting an A which you need to get an excellent grade.

Your focus should not just be on the examinations alone. Only if the examinations are 100% you are free to prepare well for the examination and get a very good grade.


The beginning is important but it is not the ultimate determinant of what grade you eventually graduate with. Even with a not so good beginning, it is still very possible for you to build that Grade Point. (trust me, I’m a testimony). Just begin to work towards the goal you have set for yourself and remain consistent.


The truth is that everybody is actually entitled to their opinions but you have to know what is right and stay focused. On my journey, I stumbled upon a lot of obstacles. Many people decided to use that opportunity to tell me my goals were not achievable and that was a huge lie! That was their opinion, but I made sure I remained focused and I kept my eyes on the target. So do the same. Remain focused and tune out the voices of naysayers.


This is very important. You have to find out when you love to read the most or when or where you assimilate easily. For me, I did not like or enjoy going to the library but I was so good with overnight learning(that is reading from like 12 am to 6 am), that was my best time to read. Another thing I noticed was that I cannot wake up in the middle of the night to read. I would be very sleepy. So I made sure to not close my eyes and try to take a 10minutes nap! That would be the end of my study. So you need to find the pattern that suits you best and stick to it. Do not follow the crowd.


Most time we do not feel the need to read but having friends that are also as goal-oriented as you help and also serves as a kind of accountability partner for you. Not to also mention the fact that they help you to remain focused on achieving the goals you have for yourself because you all are like minded. You cannot have a friend who wants to party all the time and not read as an accountability partner. It just cannot work.


I am a Christian and I believe in the power of prayers and trust in God. So all these achievements and goals will be so easy and smooth if you understand that it is not only by your power but also by God’s grace.

You can achieve those excellent grades!

I hope these tips has been helpful!


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My Crochet Story: My personal story behind to become a crocheter

It was almost 13 years back; I was studying in 7th class the school was located very close to my village. One day our art teacher came to our class to introduce a new craft work, it was crocheting. Very curiously we were watching, while she deeply put her effort to teach basic concepts of crochet works in both practical and theoretical way. like, everyone, I was quite interested to watch it. But I couldn’t grasp even a “single knot” what she really teaching. Meantime I was very upset, why because my friends were able to catch-up and follow her as suitably. However, I didn’t give up. I tried a lot. At last, it ends up with the hook get bent.

The important twist was come after exactly one year later. One of my cousin sister came to settle near my home basically they were born and brought up north part of India as we know that north Indians are often interested to modify their houses with lots of crochet arts. On the function of her housewarming I saw some of their crochet works hanged on the wall of her new house. While seeing it my desires came out again. Before leaving the house I asked her to teach me the basic thoughts of crochet works. From her, I learned the basic lessons of stitches. Later one day my aunt surprises me with a gift which is full of woollen yarn with five different colours in a bag. Using that I made different crochet patterns and gifted to my friends and relatives on many different special occasions.

My Crochet Works

There are so many cool free crochet patterns available in various related websites. Usually, I don’t have much patience, but I keen to be patient while I engaged in to untangle the yarn. Importantly nowadays I am much more capable to do some quick, easy and beautiful crochet projects and I found lots of value in skills like crocheting, knitting……I proudly say that I have improved a lot after several years of expertise in preparing different types of crochet works. I love to crochet at any time my hands be free!  Does it make me a hipster?

Have you thought about learning crocheting? don’t be afraid! As you know earlier my cousin taught me few basic things like a chain, single crochet, and double crochet, further I used to search and depend on YouTube to study most modern crochet techniques and methods. The Crocheting really keeps me from unravelling.

It took almost a year to achieve my dream come true. When I dropped it, surprisingly I got a chance to achieve it. As Paulo Coelho said “When we want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “

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From my experience I can say that doing or learning crochet works is not a rocket science, it just matters of individual interests, efforts and time constraints.

Crocheting is a bit like being magician….  You mumble to yourself waggle a stick around and no one else has a clue how you did it….!!!!!!

Expansion of CROCHET in my view is  “Creativity Relaxation Outward Challenge Enjoyable Therapeutic”

Crocheting isn’t just a hobby, in a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true…..

I can make anything with a yarn and hook, what is your superpower??

I would positively accept your valuable suggestions to improve and enhance my skill of craft works. Share them with me using the comment box below.

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