The Stages Of Every Relationship


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Every romantic relationship goes through certain stages. Each of them brings about certain problems and conflicts that you both need to solve. If you understand these stages and are prepared beforehand, then you will be able to deal with them effectively and maybe even reduce the pain that you would have to go through at each stage. Consider these stages as a test that you need to pass to move on to the next one.


  1. The Honeymoon Stage

When you finally get into a relationship with someone you like, you are completely infatuated with them. You feel an intense urge to be with each other as much as you can. Talk to them all the time. Everything they do is cute and they are just this perfect person made just for you. You like everything they do and say and you just can’t keep that smile off of your face. You can overlook all the flaws and are okay with their eccentricities.


  1. The Getting-To-Know-Each-Other Stage

Now that you are habituated with having your partner around, you start to take an interest in their life. Not just getting to know their turn-ons but also fears. Now the charm is a little dull so you stop making elaborate gestures to impress each other and start being the real you. That doesn’t mean you stop putting in efforts in the relationship. It just means that you don’t have to be interesting 24/7 to keep him and the guy doesn’t have to buy flowers every time he meets you, although the gesture is always appreciated.


  1. The Power Struggle Stage

You were loving the similarities between you and him, and overlooking the differences. But now they are more evident. There are certain things that you just can’t accept each other. So both of you either try to change the other one or punish them for being who they really are. After realizing that change isn’t about to happen and punishing them is not working, one of them withdraws. The other one feels bereft. This is the stage where incompatible relationships usually break apart. The strong ones work through it. The strong ones try to understand the reasons and come to a compromise that works for both of them.

  1. The Stability Stage

Now that you have seen the bad and maybe even the worse in each other, your love for each other deepens. It is more meaningful now. You feel free and trust each other as you accept them after they have shown their real selves. You have learned how to handle each other too. Compared to the first stage when everything is new and exciting, now everything is the same and you are content. This kind of comfort is felt with a handful of people. You give up trying to change each other and establish rules so as to peacefully exist. You appreciate each other even more now.


  1. The Commitment Stage

The obsession with each other is long over by now. Now you need each other not because of habit or short-term pleasure but have become two halves of one being. You have moulded yourself to have the other person in your life and you have a rhythm going on. For some couples, this becomes a routine that they find boring. So they either tire of each other or they start experimenting sexually to keep things interesting. Others like this routine and feel content. This is also a stage when a lot of breakups and divorces happen.


  1. The Bliss Of Coexistence

The movies and fairy tales usually end after the first stage. But this is the happily ever after that you should dream about. This is where you become a team and take the next big step. You implicitly trust each other and are ready to do something together, like start a business or a family.


You might keep coming back to the Power Struggle stage again and again. But now that you know that it is just a stage that will bring you closer and make your bond stronger, you can work it out calmly the next time. You will be better able to communicate and retain your relationship. Do your relationships go through these stages in the same order? Tell us more about the stages in your relationships and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.

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