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Being brought up in the northwest part of India, I represent the Doordarshan generation of schoolgoing lads who loved to watch television series such as Mowgli, Grihalakshmi ka Jinn, and Alif Laila. And, my dear coevals, I bet every single episode have left deep imprints in our minds. Am I right? We didn’t need a storybook and I don’t even remember being adamant toward my parents to read bedtime stories. The imaginative TV visuals were more than enough to effortlessly close our eyes and dream throughout either being a superhero or having the magical powers.

We Indians had a handful of TV series that developed honesty in children and some awe-inspiring stories such as Sea Hawks and Aarohan that ignited the thirst of serving our nation. I would say, there were interesting characters and such lovely stories that kept the kids and teenagers glued on to an artistic world outside their school premises and not having any school books piled up to their forehead.

Moving on to the present digital era, children love to watch interactive cartoons that do not leave any space to develop their own imagination.

Let’s help our children to have a meaningful future and not leave them abandoned with a vacant incomplete ideology. Creativity skills are extremely important in a child’s development as it further helps in developing the hand-to-eye co-ordination. When children are allowed to move freely with their imaginative powers, we can feel the level of confidence they experience.

How do we develop and improve a child’s creative skills?

How do we help them to understand more about their surroundings?

Here are 5 most important tips that would certainly nurture creativity and create wonders in the small kingdom.


  1. Let them touch and feel the nature around

When you teach them the leaves are green in color, let them observe the nature and understand the vibrant fresh shades of green. Next, they will surely surprise you with a landscape where they would have colored the trees and shrubs differently using their own imagination.

The blue sky leaves no limits to imagination. Accompany them when they play outdoors and ask your child to gaze at the dazzling blue sky when it is absolutely clear with the fluffy clouds floating, you can discover the height of excitement they have.

When you take your kids to a beach, let the sand castles and the cool waves grabbing their feet blow their mind.

  1. Mold the clay, but don’t instruct

The colorful play dough is yet another creative stuff that helps children to mold their favorite shapes and objects. Sometimes making them strictly follow the stepwise instructions to create a mold mentioned in the manual can spoil the whole play. Hence, the most important factor is to leave them alone and allow them to design their own bits and pieces. They will surely come up with an interesting scenario and continue enjoying every moment.

  1. Observe, but don’t hover around

Siblings choose to play together, fight with each other, and then, finally compromise with their own problem-solving strategies. They set their own rules for the games, where each one of them is declared the winner in turns. When they play together the dolls, the eddy-teddy and even the stuffed animal toys become the peers in their classroom.

Elders, please stay far and watch. The entire plot could be spoilt if you hover around their play area.

  1. Free space and time

Simply building fancy kids’ rooms and stuffing their room with the most expensive toy-set do not help in developing the imagination skills. You need to offer a small corner in the room and some free time for themselves. And, let their minds wander in the fantasy world.

A tiny toy could transform into their favorite superhero cartoon character that saves their toy cat from a disaster. They start dressing up their teddies and dolls, put them to sleep, and talk to them as if they get replies from the toys as well. They might keep the interlocked LEGO separately, play in a different direction by spinning its wheels and get the pleasure of its speed and rotation of the round shapes.

  1. Attend and answer every query

Each one of us would have faced awkward situations when we choose to stay mum at the smart questions pointed by our child at a gathering. I agree there are circumstances when we better lock our lips.

However, some youngsters would have surprised us with their doubts. My bit of advice would be to be ready with an answer to every query they raise. These replies are going to remain in their minds and they would try to reconnect it with the limited knowledge they earlier had. Moreover, there are possibilities when they might get a chance to present those in the class as well. So, wrong and quick escaping responses might land you in a great mess.

Kids’ world is the best place to be in. It’s so cozy with care and comforts. Let every child grow with loads of love and happiness and nurture their beautiful childhood moments. Only then can they recognize the value of childhood memories they cherish, develop into an actual social human being, and gladly pass the sensible morals.

let me know your suggestions and keep sharing );

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