5 Homemade body scrubs for natural Glow!

There is always a difference between homemade and store bought. For you cannot trust what you cannot see. You certainly do not know what all have gone into making the beauty products that you buy so trustingly from the stores. They may contain artificial colours, added flavours, dangerous chemicals and allergic components. But, when you prepare your own beauty products at home, you will know what all has gone into it. It will be the most organic, natural and safe thing to use on your body.

While making all sorts of beauty products at home is certainly difficult, you can always make body scrubs at home. They are easy to make and very effective. Here are five body scrubs that you can make from the scratch and use them to have a natural glow on your skin:

blog-5 Homemade body scrubs for natural glow!

Coffee and Coconut oil scrub

We all know that coffee is effective in reducing cellulite. It can be used in combination with coconut oil which will hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. To make this inexpensive body scrub, take one cup of ground coffee and white sugar. Add two cups of lukewarm coconut oil into it. Mix it all well and apply on damp skin to massage for a good ten minutes. Leave it for half an hour before you wash it away. Your dead skin will be gone with no trace.

Chocolate Scrub

That is the prettiness of chocolate. You can eat it, as well as use it for beauty purpose. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate has many beauty benefits. The antioxidants present in it are good for the skin. To make a chocolate scrub, take one cup of cocoa powder with half cup of coconut oil. You can add half a cup of brown sugar to it. Apply it to your skin and massage slowly for ten minutes. Leave it for ten more minutes before you wash away. You will now have baby soft skin.

Sugar Scrub

Thanks to its texture and components, there can be no other natural scrub than sugar. Make sure you have sugar of the right sized granules. Too big ones will just damage your skin. The sugar scrub can be made with any additional ingredients along with sugar as the main ingredient. You can add honey, lemon juice, olive oil or any such natural stuff that are beneficial for the skin.

Avocado and Oatmeal scrub

Avocado is a very valuable fruit when it comes to beauty and skin care. It keeps your skin healthy and moisturized. Take half an avocado and mash it well. To this add two spoons of finely ground oatmeal. You can also add one spoon of honey to this. Apply this all over your skin and massage gently. Leave it for a while before you wash it away and pat dry your skin.

Lavender and Sea salt scrub

This is one scrub that not just looks colourful, but also smells divine. You will need to add 7 spoons sweet almond oil into four spoons of coarse sea salt. Sprinkle in four drops of lavender essential oil to get the most relaxing body scrub.

These are some of the most beneficial and rejuvenating body scrubs that you can prepare at home in a jiffy and use as much as you please.

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5 lifesaving makeup hacks you didn’t know

One good thing about beauty is that it doesn’t come with rules. There is no particular rulebook that you must follow to look beautiful. Makeup is done according to individual choices, likes and comforts. Fashion and beauty are respective of women and their preferences. But, there are some makeup hacks that hold true to all the beautiful girls. Some of these hacks are lifesaving. Your life will seem better once you know these makeup hacks.

There are many beauty hacks that girls interested in makeup learn through various modes. Some get these tips from their mothers and grandmothers while others would have read them in some self-help books, some girls would have found it on the internet and a few would have discussed it with friends. Each of the tips will be tried, tested and only then be recommended to others.

So, here are such makeup hacks that you must know if you are a young, beautiful woman who loves makeup

1. Don’t throw away those lens cases:

If you are a girl who wears contact lenses, then you are blessed. Because those lens cases that you think are just waste can be used as storage cases for makeup products. Sometimes you will be going out just for the day, probably for a shopping spree or to the beach. At such times there is no necessity to carry an entire bottle of sunscreen, hand cream or face cream. You can store the lotion in your contact lens case. It is small, compact and easy to carry in your bag.

2. Use lip brushes to apply mascara:

A standing ovation to all those girls who can apply mascara to their bottom lashes without ruining their makeup. Because most of the girls do not get it right. It is a hard job putting the mascara carefully on the lower lashes. The best trick is to use an old lip brush to apply the mascara a lot conveniently than from the mascara brush itself. It applies easily and also doesn’t smudge.


3. Make your lipstick last longer:

When it is going to be a long day, girls dread the idea of applying lipstick over and over again each time it seems to fade away. Instead of reapplying the lipstick several times a day, you can do this trick. Just after you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue on your mouth and dab it with some translucent powder. Remove the tissue and see how long your lipstick is going to last.


4. Use two different shades of eyeliner:

Do you want your eyes to pop out and look beautiful? Then you got to use two different shades of eyeliners for the two lids. Use a darker shade of eyeliner for your upper lids and a lighter shade of eyeliner for the bottom lids. You can also use a nude colour for your tear duct region to make your eyes look bigger.


5. Avoid mascara clumps:

When you are in a hurry, applying mascara can be a tough task. It may often result in clumps on the eyelashes. You can use a little petroleum jelly on your lashes before the mascara is applied. This will avoid the clumps.

These are the lifesaving beauty hacks that do not need you to spend a fortune, all you need is a brain and some tricks to look stunning.

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