All you need to know about iPhone 8!


It will be an augmented reality experience ever possible with the new iPhone 8 introduced by Apple. It has got some peculiar specifications listing from the glass design, the most popular camera, the most powerful smartest chip ever possible in a smartphone, wireless charging and so on. It can be best called as a new generation of iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8





The all-new industrial design had rebuilt iPhone 8 to an atomic level. Apple made iPhone 8 fit into exactly the same shape as the last few iPhones launched before. iPhone 8 can be called as an iPhone designed and formed from glass. The glass design has used the most durable glass ever possible in a smartphone in its front and back.

As the glass is potential for breaking, Apple is doing everything possible to make its glass, the most resilient possible and even to mitigate against smaller scratches and fractures which can lead to cracks and brakes overtime which makes it less slippery.
The glass of iPhone 8 now comes with 3 new finishes marketed under three frames like space grey, silver, and gold. For its opacity and depth, Apple claims to have a seven-layer colour process behind its finish.
The colour-matched aluminium band attached to the glass is microscopically sealed to prevent liquid and particle ingress. iPhone 8 has IP67 water and dust resistant to IEC Standard 60529.


iPhone 8 has an LCD display like in most the iPhones of Apple whereas the new iPhone X had used an OLED display.  iPhone 8 has a True Tone display which was debuted on the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, used for the first time ever on an iPhone. It has a four-channel ambient light sensor technology to measure the colour temperature of the environment for adjusting the display exactly to look white for a white. This 24/7 technology can be used while reading an e-book, looking at photos, browsing the web, watching movies era to get the accurate colour.

Wireless charging


Another convenient feature of iPhone 8 is the wireless charging. The phone can be charged wirelessly with Qi standard inductive charging from any nearby pad. It’s quite convenient rather have reached the end of the lightning cable, you can simply drop your iPhone 8 down on the pad where it mostly starts charging. But it’s not as fast as a wired charging. But still, it’s useful when you set up a Qi pad on the table or bed where you work.

The camera system

Apple puts tremendous effort to upgrade the camera services every year. iPhone 8 has a rear-mounted camera system with wide angle f/18 – f/2.8 with a single lens of 12megapixels.
A new feature, the sensor, has been inferred in iPhone 8. With deeper pixels, crosstalk can be reduced and accuracy can be improved. A colour filter is also there which promises to provide better true colours across the wide dynamic range. The camera has a good shutter speed. Altogether it has an easy to use the camera with silicon enhanced photography and augmented reality.

A11 Bionic

iPhone 8 launched with A11 Bionic where instead of four cores, it has six, two high-performance and four high-efficiency which are much faster than the A10 Bionic cores.

Accessories and apps

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There are differences in the camera size and positioning in iPhone 8 from iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. iPhone 8 runs iOS11 making it compatible with millions of apps newly redesigned for iPhones including apps from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Instagram.

Pricing and availability

iPhone 8 was made available starting at $699 for the 64GB versions and $849 for the 256GB version. It is made available in the Apple stores.


  • iPhone 8 doesn’t support Iris scanner.
  • All glass design makes it easy to break.
  • It’s troublesome to transfer files between iPhone 8 and computer.
  • Still excludes dual-SIM, micro AD card slot, and removable battery.
  • Battery draining is weird in iPhone 8 while playing games like Pokemon Go, accessing apps like Snapchat, Instagram etc. In low power mode, it no longer updates the GPS.
  • There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack which can cause some issues with the older accessories.


If you love everything about your existing iPhone including the Home button and Touch ID and you just want a faster phone with better camera and convenient inductive charging you can get iPhone 8 today.

Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8

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