Amazon Fire TV stick; Detailed review.

Amazon Fire TV stick

You can directly connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your HDTV and start to stream on movies, TV shows, and songs from amazon prime video, Hotstar, Netflix Gaana and many more services.


Amazon fire TV stick is available for the price that starts at $39.99.


What is Amazon fire TV stick?

It is a tiny stick which can be connected to your HDTV to explore a world of online entertainment. From this, you can have a massive selection of Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional language, movies, TV episodes, and voice search. What’s the easiest way to enjoy Amazon Prime video, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, music, games and more?

Instant Access

You can instantly access your favourite subscription and streaming services like Amazon Prime video, Hotsatr and more with Amazon Fire TV stick. In addition to that, you can watch live TV channels including sports and news. Subscription fees may be applied for this services.

Prime Services

If you are an authorized Amazon Prime member, this will instantly unlock you with thousands of Bollywood and regional blockbusters, Hollywood movies, US TV shows, kids’ shows and original shows created by Amazon. You can instantly access award-winning Amazon original shows like Mozart in the jungle, fantastic shows for kids like Tumble leaf and creative Galaxy being an Amazon Prime member.

Firefox and Silk web browser

With the Firefox and Silk web browser on Firetv, you can access the entire world wide web. All your favourite web contents can be now accessed on the big screen including Sports, news, TV shows, movies, social news and web videos. YouTube can be accessed by downloading the Firefox or Silk full web browsers which is free for downloading. Fire TV stick remote buttons can be used for easy search, navigate, play and pause, and even fast-forwarding the web videos. You can simply search for “Firefox” or “Silk” using your remote to download one of these apps.

Features and details

Amazon fire TV stick can be connected to your HDTV to start streaming all type of entertainments. It is very easy to build up and use. If you are free to register for your Amazon account, you can just plug it into your HDTV and enjoy the favourite titles. You can have a massive selection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional language movies and more entertainment shows. Prime members are having an advantage of getting unlimited access to all the features provided by Amazon TV stick without additional cost. The stick comes with a voice remote which can be pressed merely and command the name of the so we want to watch. You can bring your favourite shows and movies with you when you travel by plugging the fire TV stick into any HDTV after connecting to Wi-Fi.

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