Amazon echo dot in India!


Amazon has made available its series of echo speakers to everyone in India after four months of launching of the speakers in the country on an invite-only basis. Android police spotted that customers in India can now purchase the echo and echo dot, even though both the speakers are notably much more expensive than their versions sold in the US.




The Echo speakers have also received the support for English(India) to go along with the English(Australia), English(Canada), English(UK) and English(US), German and Japanese. But they do not support Hindi so far which will limit the potential audience for the Echo in India.

Amazon Echo Dot is a Smart home speaker with a voice assistant has finally reached the Indian market. Amazon is taking the lead in this move for the future with it Alexa echo Jugalbandi. Amazon’s move to Google and Apple are not too far behind.

We may have seen many voice assistant devices in movies. Even the voice assistance or not new to us, such voice assistant devices like Echo and Google home seen in the films, are now coming to our houses.

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Amazon echo dot the most affordable version of its Echo range pairing with Alexa. Echo dot is a hands-free voice-controlled smart device with an inbuilt speaker. An option to manually control Echo Dot is also available. Dot can be connected to the Alexa voice service, which is built in the cloud to adapt to the speech patterns and vocabulary, for playing music, making calls, answering the questions, providing information about news, sports scores, weather and much more instantly. It’s a lot of rumours, Amazon finally released Alexa for the Indian market.

Amazon stated that the Indian version of Alexa would be different from its American counterpart. Parag Gupta, Head Product Management, Amazon devices, India, stated “We wanted our devices to talk, walk and feel Indian. Alexa is not a visiting American; she has a very Indian personality.”

Alexa via Echo Dot can respond, understand your queries, but still, the integration of Alexa in India is limited only to a few apps. Alexa can’t guide you through the traffic updates, but surely she can help you to order the groceries via Amazon pantry service. Most of the services have to be enabled in the Amazon Alexa app manually which is available only for Android and IOS. This appears to be little clumsy, but when the users are getting the choice to nitpick the skills, it is the right way to go.

You can now use your Echo device to call or message anyone who has an Echo device or the Alexa app which helps you to be with your family and friends always. You can ask Alexa to place a call or send a quick voice message to a friend when you are busy or engaged in something.

Alexa app has now enabled the “Drop in” service with which you can instantly connect with other echo devices in your home or your closest family and friends. This calling and messaging app are available in India for free.

How to set up Echo?
    • You have to download the Alexa app on your phone.
    • Keep the power on for echo dot via the adaptor given in the box.
    • Now sign in with your Amazon ID.
    • Then you have to pair the app with echo dot via Wi-Fi.
    • Then connect to local Wi-Fi linked to your Eco device.
    • You can then start to use Alexa on Echo and add skills to make sure about its features.


How does Echo work?

Echo dot is the simplest among the Echo family. It is a cylindrical device which offers volume up or down button, microphone button, and the power to record the conversations whenever needed. You have to make sure that you are turning off the microphone on the Echo service especially if you are not using Alexa.It is stated that Amazon is storing the conversations on a cloud server to improve the service quality that Alexa can offer you. Recorded and Alexa will be a casual fitting in your living room without drawing too much attention. Works are still in progress to improve the Alexa skills with most of the features yet to be integrated into the ecosystem.

Price details

Having good quality external speakers lying around echo dot is the best option in the budget. The price rate is starting from Rs.3,149. Alexa having increased role, you can connect echo to your speaker via Bluetooth or audio jack. Echo dot might be fit for a small sized room.


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