Five Kid’s Movies That Even Adults Need to Watch


More often than we teach our kids, our kids teach us about life. There are so many things that we can learn from kids be it compassion, innocence or truthfulness. Just like the kids, kid’s movies are also informative and full of lessons to the adults. So, next time you see a small kid watching a children’s movie, don’t ignore. In fact, join them to watch the movie completely because there is always a lesson for the adults even though it may be a kid’s movie. There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be twists and turns, but there will also be a memorable story that you will remember all your life.

Five Kid’s Movies That Even Adults Need to Watch

Here are some beautiful kid’s movies that even adults must watch without fail:



This 1996 movie is a classic children’s watch. The fantasy movie about a little girl who loves to read books is something that will make you smile every time you remember it. A delightful child Matilda who is ignored by her parents learns to read and write on her own. By the time she realizes that she has superpowers, she is admitted into a school where the principal is a nightmare. How she tackles the monstrous principal with the help of a sweet teacher forms the story. This movie tells us how to deal with evil people in our daily life. It also gives a message that we must remain truthful and polite.

Gods Must Be Crazy


An epic series from the 1980s, this is one set of movies that you must never miss to watch. There are three movies under the name and each one is a laughter riot. The movies are set in the forests of South Africa. It captures the lifestyle and the ethics of the tribal people. The movie teaches us valuable lessons about conserving forest, respecting other lives, saving wild animals and loving every one. What is beautiful about the movie is that it doesn’t preach all the above lessons. There is an amusing way in which we are taught these lessons.

Lion King


This one is the most favourite among all the young kids of the last two decades. The lion king is an animation movie about a lion who is the king of the forest. He is killed in a conniving manner and his little son grows up in a faraway land. The little lion grows up to come back and seek revenge for his father’s death and the injustice he suffered. We all learnt to love our parents through this movie. There is not a single child from the 90s who hasn’t cried watching the Lion King.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


There have been a couple of versions of this movie. The recent one was released in 2005 starring Johnny Depp. The musical fantasy is a treat to all chocolate lovers. It is a story about a very poor boy who wins a ticket to enter the famous chocolate factory for a day. How the boy behaves well and wins among other kids to co-own the factory forms the story. This movie teaches you to be truthful and humble just like Charlie.



For a long time, we had not seen a single children’s movie that the adults too could relate with. And finally in 2016 came a beautifully animated movie that blew our minds. Zootopia is about a bunny who dreams of becoming a police officer in the world of animals. How she succeeds in becoming one and how she does her job is what that forms the rest of the story. Zootopia is about dreaming big, believing in your dreams and working hard to achieve your dreams.

These are some of the children’s movies that we have all loved to watch and re-watch as adults.

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