Top 5 Books Every Woman Should Read


Books empower and inspire a woman’s life — she as a cute cupcake pie, as a grown-up teenager, as a loving wife, as a responsible mother, till she becomes an enthusiastic and intellectual granny.

Here we present you with some of the top-selling books for women with extraordinary characters who would certainly grab attention and inspire a woman’s life at any point of time.

The lifeless words on every page are strong enough to take complete control of the reader’s nerves.

As a kid, every little girl gets fascinated by the Disney princess’ Elsa appearance, the timidity of Cinderella, and the gorgeous Barbie. Even today, when these series premiered on television, there’s no scene more colourful than the pages of the storybooks of olden days that left deeper imprints in our minds. And, I would personally owe it to my father who used to gift me such beautiful and memorable storybooks during my early school days. Later on, we travel with the dreamy Alice who manages to fall inside the rabbit hole, and that was only to enter into her own fantasy wonderland. No memories can ever be sweeter and more vibrant than the fragile imaginative world we cherish, thanks to all the lovely authors. And, is there anyone who can forget ‘the bold and beautiful’ George from The Famous Five?

   Time passes. Life transforms. A woman’s life is welcomed to take the role of a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a boss at her workplace too. What more chaos is to happen? You need to relax, de-stress, and stay calm. Books, books, and books. There’s no other better choice for being yourself.

Here are some interesting books for women—inspiring words, thought-provoking stories that can instantly turn into your favourites — and these are the books that every woman thinks to include in her reading list. Take my word; these are some amazing books with beautiful lessons where one can learn to get humorous. So, hang on, it’s time to forget the struggle.

  1. Pride and Prejudice(by Jane Austen)

One of the all-time favourite books of every woman. It was written at the time when women were supposed to be pretty faces and not allowed to involve in any sort of career. This would change our view about the good old proverb that says ‘First impression is the best impression’. This romantic novel is all about giving a second chance. It talks a lot about pride, vanity and prejudice. Say a big no to pride, and then you can move on to love someone. The story revolves around Elizabeth Bennet, the central character, who learns quite a lot from the mistakes of making hasty decisions. The author talks about the emotions that generally every woman would encounter at some esteemed phases of her life with some moments being very close to her heart. It’s all about marrying one for love and not simply for the lap of luxury. Later, this piece of classic literature emerged as film versions and has been performed on various stages.

A detailed review of Pride and Prejudice


  1. Ella Enchanted (by Gail Carson Levine)

If you love some adventures moves, this could be your choice. EllaA Cinderella of the modern age. She is an independent heroine who rescues herself. So, this is for all the bold ladies out there. Get hooked on to the spirits and fairies and elves and giants.

One fine day, what if you step into a world of spirits? This is a story on Ella who is “cursed” to obey the spells of a foolish fairy. That’s amusing. The book describes how Ella manages to escape the “foolish” spells and the misadventures she confronts.


  1. Bossypants (by Tina Fey)

If you think only men can handle humour talks, you are wrong. This is a comical autobiography that can definitely teach the readers some valuable lessons in your life. The dagger-sharp words of this comedy writer of this generation would stay deep in the hearts. The book comes with inspiring bits, some funny bits that sketch comedy throughout. This is one such book that every woman would love to read and enjoy. The author narrates the dream-come-true fascination of her childhood days and the nearly fatal incidents of her honeymoon days as well.

To know more about Ms Tina Fey and how she succeeded in chasing her dreams, and if you wish to adopt any of her formula, Bossypants is gonna be the best choice.


  1. Tender at the Bone (by Ruth Reichl)

Do you love cooking stuff? This is a delicious story that would make one’s stomach growl. Every story that developed the author’s love toward cooking and her first souffle-eating experience has been written so beautifully that the reader’s mouth would water moment by moment. There’s a spice of humour crafted in this book. The food one eats defines their lifestyle, and the way one eats defines the place they come from. The author has carefully sprinkled some interesting characters that played a major role in molding her tastes. This is a story from someone who had an equal passion for food and fairy tales (no wonder, the author introduces us to a notorious food-poisoner, the Queen of Mold).


  1. Me Talk Pretty One Day (by David Sedaris)

Yet another hilarious creation. The title says it all. The intensity of laughter would be at its high when you read about the French-learning aspects from the author. The speech therapy sessions of the entire family going to learn French — now, won’t that be interesting? This autobiography deals with all the seriously funny tales that take place while learning French and it has undoubtedly turned into one of the best-selling essays in America. There’s humour in the frustrated attempts to learn the new language.

A book makes one experience the unseen and the unheard space created by the author. It allows the reader to develop emotions, shape ideas, and organize their own lives woven with beautiful moments. Hold a book — and, you may cry, you may laugh, but above all, you are taught to think different. The stories and the fantasy characters convey the best to depict the most abstract feelings of every author. The heroic characters can make a woman feel and understand her ‘lost and found’ self within. Books happen to be a life-long friend of a woman.

Such romantic novels and inspiring stories for women can effortlessly make her soar into yet another world — no family, no friends who out-spend — simply books.

What are you waiting for? Grab a book, lady, and head on to feel every single part of your mind.



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