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When You Play The Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die – What I Felt About The Season Finale

Love is a poison.

A sweet poison, yes.

But it will kill you all the same.

One of the most sought after shows, Game of Thrones came to an end and we are all still struggling to deal with it.

Some loved it, some were disappointed, some did not care about it.

If you ask me my thoughts, I really don’t know what to say. The season as a whole was a disappointment for me. I personally felt it was too rushed. But when I say it was rushed, I mean about the deaths that happened in the final season.

game of thrones season finale review
  1. The Night King – a character whose threat has been created since episode 1 of the first season dies just like that… I would have definitely loved to see more of him, his powers, his side of the story.
  2. Varys – Now, we are talking about the master of the whisperers. He’s known to keep himself safe no matter what. He managed to escape Tyrion so he can help the true heir to come to power. He’s had contacts with Illyrio, he knows things, he has his birds and all this right under the nose of Robert Baratheon, Cersei and others. Yet, when he writes letters about Jon’s parentage, he’s been caught and killed.
  3. Cersei – It surely makes sense that she died under the debris of the kings landing, the one place she gave her everything to rule. But it’s Cersei we are talking about. Such a strong character. She’ll go to any lengths to keep her child safe. She was even ready to poison Tommen during the Blackwater battle instead of facing defeat. Seeing her die like this, helpless, crying was very disappointing. The only thing that one can feel good about is that Jaime and Cersei came into this world together and died together.

Having been a fan of Game of Thrones, I expected more drama in deaths of such important characters.

A few other things that bothered me in the finale season were where were the Martells? I would have loved to see about the dire wolves too… What happened to Nymeria? Where did Summer go? What about Shaggydog?

Well, having said that, I would definitely say that the end was what made me let go of all the issues that I had with season 8. I totally loved how it all ended. Jon back to the night’s watch. Sansa, the queen in the North. Arya, on her own. And Bran, the king. I mean who would have imagined? But isn’t Game of Thrones all about expecting the unexpected? And I might be a little biased but I am just happy that it’s starks all over.

A different ending that I would have loved to see? Well, after killing Dany, Jon becomes the Mad King. One because he loses his mind after killing the one he loves. And two, after all, he’s a Targaryen.

PS : all views are based on the TV series and not the books.

And now I am all the more excited to know what happens in the books.

stay tuned , will be back !


By Girija Moholkar

Hi, I am Girija Moholkar. After working for around 11 years in a government job, I am now a stay at home mom. Mostly I read and when I am not reading I write!! I am a bibliophile and a big-time foodie who lives to eat and read.

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