5 things to look forward to the Enid Blyton books as a kid!

“I do love the beginning of the summer hols,” said Julian. “They always seem to stretch ahead for ages and ages.”
“They go so nice and slowly at first,” said Anne, his little sister. “Then they start to gallop.”

Enid Blyton,  Five Go Off in a Caravan.

Enid Blyton books reviewIn this fast pacing world, many of us have spent our childhoods playing about or watching television. But did you ever think how changed our life could be if we had taken up a book at that age? How insightful we could have been if we had taken up the habit of reading? Well, the answer is simple. We would have a vast horizon of visualisation and hundreds of dimensions of imagination. So, why not help those little ones live their childhood? Introduce them to the wonderland of books and show them the magic books can do.

This article focuses on the various habits and values the books of Enid Blyton gifts a young one with.

1. The Power to Imagine. 

Keeping in mind, that her books are specially meant for children, she used a very simple language to make reading easy for the young munchkins. Her writings are mainly focused on creativity and imagination a young mind requires. The words and the descriptions she used are more than enough to paint a picture in the minds of the young readers. This boosts the ability to think and imagine. They create their own world of fantasy and frame their own version of the characters mentioned in the book. This helps them to really enjoy the book from their heart. 

2. The Virtue of loving your fellow beings and your dear Family.

In any Enid Blyton book, you will find a strongly bonded family, close-knitted, loving and caring. Most of her books have a group of children as the main characters who go out on trips during their holidays. The children are sometimes cousins and sometimes friends, but the bondage they share is worth all the appreciation. In a trip spanning for nearly a week, they do everything unanimously and makes sure that everyone in the group is comfortable with the decisions taken. This teaches the young ones to respect and value the decisions of everyone.

3. The Value of Compassion towards Animals.  

In almost all the adventure and mystery books which Blyton wrote, she made sure that the main characters include a pet – be it a loyal dog or a cunning parrot. The children make always treat their pet as a member of their group and treat their pet as a part of their family member. The readers learn to value their pets as they value their family members.

4. The Habit of Eating Healthy

All the books have a well and vivid description of meals which generally include healthy foods like salads,  fresh fruits and vegetables like lettuces, spinach and freshly plucked berries. There are mentions of wide varieties of fishes like tuna and sardine, cold ham,  hard-boiled eggs, butter scones, steamed potatoes, fresh juices, fruit cake, sausages and chocolates. It teaches us to satisfy ourselves with whatever we get to eat at any situation. It tells us that a full stomach always helps us to think a little more clearly, laugh a little louder and enjoy more. 

5. The Quality of Quick Thinking in tough times.

Enid Blyton books are basically adventure-oriented books filled up with mystery to the brim. The central characters tend to indulge themselves in various dangerous situations due to their inquisitiveness. But, they also make it to the end of the mystery with their quick and well-thought decisions. Calmness in the times of difficulties and an open mind to all the possible outcomes,  what-ifs, and thinking about both the negative and positive results before carrying out a plan is what we learn from her books.

Her books are a real jewel every kid deserves to read. Make sure your kid is one. Help him/her grow not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually and logically. I would definitely suggest starting with Famous Five, followed by Mystery Series and Secret Seven Series. At a slightly older age, Malory Towers and St. Clare series will be good choices.

About the Author, Enid Blyton:

Born on 11 August 1937, in East Dulwich, London, United Kingdom, Enid Blyton was an author who began writing at a very young age. Though her mother never approved her writing, her father was always beside her and kept motivating her to write on. Her first poem named ‘Have you?’ was published for the first time in Nash’s magazine. When she was a trained teacher and taught at Bickly Subiton and Chessington, her first book ‘Child Whispers’ was published. It was 1922. It was a collection of Children’s poems. She took up the pen name ‘Mary Pollock’. She continued to keep writing and her first book was Summer Term at St. Clare’s. Since then, she has written numerous books for children which sum up to 762 books in total. Her worldwide famous series ‘Famous Five’ is still a dear one to many young kids. Her other famous works are Malory Towers,  St. Clare’s, Secret Seven, Mystery Series, Adventure Series, The Faraway Tree, The Naughtiest Girl, The Wishing Chair, Five Find-Outers, The Barney Mysteries, The Adventurous Four, Amelia Jane, The Circus Series, Find-Outers, Mary Mouse, The Mistletoe Farm, Noddy, Old Thatch Series, The Secret Series, The Young Adventures. She died on the 28th of November 1968 at the age of 70. Yet, she continues to live in the hearts of millions of young and old readers alike for the innocent joy her books offer till now.


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Yeah I absolutely agree with whatever which is mentioned in this article. Especially this generation would benefit a lot from such books which would stimulate creativity and imagination. Compassion not only towards animals but also towards fellow humans will definitely make this world a better place to live in. Overall great content choti! Keep sharing these stuff.

Wow! You have great observation skills. This article was really helpful and I would surely suggest my siblings and other young ones to grab and read Enid Blyton books❤️😊

I am in love with the books of Enid Blyton.The content is amazing. I must appreciate your passion .I will recommend to everyone to read this.Carry on kusum!! I am sure that one day you will fly with colours.

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