How To Be A Perfect Couple

Remember, how we always comment on some couples as made for each other’ couple. And we just wonder how do they do it.


So why can’t we also become a made for each other couple? What is stopping you? Do you believe you do not have what it takes to be one? Ok, so if you answered yes to my questions, then I am going to share with you some tips and suggestions on how you can also become the perfect couple or like we all call it #madeforeachother couple.

Let’s begin!!!

Firstly I would like to acknowledge one common mistake we all make when in a relationship is we try to impose our likes and dislikes on to each other. We forget that each of us has unique personalities. Even our siblings differ from us in so many choices, then how can we expect that from a different person. So, accept to like the other personal choices, be it in their choice of clothes or food preferences.

Secondly, don’t try to control your partner. Give them their space and freedom when needed. Believe me, it is suffocating to be controlled. Your partner would always dread your presence. Give each other the freedom to hang out with their friends and go on trips with their friends. And yes, make time to go enjoy as a couple also. Humans are social animals, we need everyone in our lives. We are not fulfilled with spending time with just one person no matter how loving and caring they are. We need parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, that’s what makes life beautiful.

Thirdly, give your partner the freedom to dream and follow their dreams. Sometimes you will have to help them achieve their dream. Be that partner who grows together, giving importance to each other’s dreams and passions in life. Just like you are flourishing let your partner also flourish.

Relationships are not easy and not everyone’s the same. We all are unique in every way. That’s what makes us unique. So do not try to force changes on your partner. It only hurts the relationship. But loving your partner for who they are is the biggest step you can take to make your bond stronger. Loving them and supporting them for who they are. And you both grow and go through the journey of life together. Giving each other their space. Nobody wants to be controlled and be told what to do in life. And imagine living with someone like that. Anyone would want to run away from you

Any relationship will take time.

Lastly, we all have flaws. Couples shouldn’t expose each others flaw to anyone outside. It is disrespectful to a relationship. Which brings me to the importance of being honest and true to each other. No matter what to be supportive of each other. Believe me, when you give respect you get respect, even if you are a couple, even if you promised the vows. You have to be there for each other and yes tolerate some of their likes as well.

These are my secrets for making your relationship a perfect ‘made for each other couple’ by loving each other’s imperfections.


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The Power of your subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy – Book Review

Have you ever wondered what your subconscious mind had the power to get you anything you ever wanted in life? By anything, I mean health, wealth, happiness, a good life partner, and the list can go on… After reading this book you will know how to tap the superpower of your own mind!

The Power of your subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy - Book Review

The author begins by asking about the many mysteries and miracles that happen in our lives and others around us. Why some are successful, happy and content while others are not. We are introduced to the conscious mind, which has the power to choose and our subconscious mind which can’t take jokes and takes everything we think seriously. As Ralph Waldo Emerson says, ‘Man is what he thinks all day long’. It means clearly by changing our thoughts we can change our destiny. If our conscious mind believes we can achieve our goals our subconscious works to achieve it by, the Law of Attraction. If you think yourself to be good, you will be good and if you think evil of yourself or others evil will follow. Like the saying, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he’, so we should be careful of the thoughts we keep our minds busy with.

If it is the happiness you desire and you constantly think of happiness, your subconscious will bring it to you. Happiness does not come from material things, it comes from showing gratitude. Being thankful for the blessings we have and our sincere desire to be happy. With the power of our subconscious mind, we can have health and wealth. We should make our subconscious believe we are healthy and wealthy and it will work its wonders to get us there.

If you have seen how some monks and babas cure people, it is the people’s belief that they will be cured that actually works, it’s not the baba, it is their own belief. We see miracles in many cancer patients who have survived even after doctors losing hope. It was their belief that they will be cured and their subconscious works to their beliefs. Hence proving that our subconscious is our greatest healer.

We can conquer our fears through the power of our subconscious mind and then we can conquer our dreams. Because some fears are only in our minds they are not normal fears they are abnormal. So follow this mantra, ‘Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain!!’ Some obstacles which we believe to exist are only in obstacles in our minds and breaking free from it is our only way to success.

Another interesting thing is how we can forever be young in our minds, through the power of our subconscious minds. We only age in years, but our minds grow in wisdom and knowledge. And by believing you are young in mind always you can create miracles. You never know because many inventions were made by people who were quite old. You are young as you think you are, haven’t you seen people who are so active and energetic even in their eighties, its because they think they are young, strong and useful. They believe it and so they are. And the only obstacle to your success is not your age but your own thought and lack of faith in your thoughts.

This book made me realize that a successful life is one which is lived joyfully, peacefully and happily which can be achieved through improving our daily thoughts. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone thought only good and wished for others what they wished for themselves! Imagine it and maybe with the power of our subconscious mind, this world will change for good. I will recommend everyone to read this book at least once, trust me you will love it and then implement it in your life and see the magic.

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